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  • Blue Pearl Andara (Usa) - 13G 40Mm
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Blue Pearl Andara Crystal (High Vortex Mount Shasta)

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This andara carries spiritual heart energies.

The evershifting color from blue to periwinkle to dark blue and back to almost clear is an amazing example of how to shift your heart energies to accommodate all healing work.

It is a crystal of Transmutation and living in God's grace, as one is held in light and love

mportant Note From Us:

“We have been working with Andaras since 2004 and we have experienced their amazing, transformational, high vibrational energies and have blessed both our personal life and our clients’ lives.

Andara is not fully explored and experienced by majority yet and thus some people in the internet have negative judgment about them.

Andaras will call their rightful guardians.

If you ready to receive their blessings, you will be drawn to it.

And no matter others say, it is your own experience that will keep you within the energetic vortex of this amazing spiritual tools.”