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  • Brandberg Quartz Crystal (South Africa) 4G 40Mm Points
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Brandberg Quartz Crystal (South Africa)

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Brandberg Quartz is a young stone but has a very old soul. This crystal is a high vibration stone and appears as bright Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst Quartz or Citrine Quartz often with inclusions of Amethyst, Smoky Quartz Phantoms or bubbles and on occasion with inclusions of Chlorite.

This stone is rare and found only in South Namibia, Africa. Brandberg Quartz is a powerful stone for spiritual alchemy and connects to your spiritual being and all That Is.

This crystal is attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, emanating infinite compassion and the perfect stone to use for deep soul healing and forgiveness.

Brandberg is an effective tool to aid healing work at all levels, rapidly linking to multi-dimensions and assist in looking inward or climbing the vibrational ladder.

This crystal attaches cosmic anchor deep into the Earth and the center of the Galaxy ensuring a solid energetic inner-core regardless what changes occur. It facilitates conscious awareness when traveling to dimensions and instills brainwave combinnations that enhances meditation, regression and healing.

When working in shadows or the underworld, Brandberg Quartz protects and holds a light and facilitates purification and integratin of those parts into your present self.

When placed on the soma, soul star or stellar gateway chakras, Brandberg attunes to your core spiritual identity and facilitates true self-relection and conscious activation.

When placed on the heart seed chakra, it assists travel to the between-life state to ascertain your soul plan for the current lifetime and shows how to return to your original soul plan.

This crystal removes blockages from the third eye, spiritual or psychic sight and access guidance from the purest source.

Brandberg clears the higher heart chakra and opens the throat so that spiritual truth is spoken with unconditional love and compasion. It quickly disconnects previously made mystic marriage or any relaionship that has resulted in intertwining at the higher chakras.

HEALING: It is a master healer that supports recovery from illness and depletion, restoring vitality. It is helpful for concussions and immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue syndrome, limbic brain function, and multi-dimensional cellular memory healing. This crystal amelriorates dental pain, beneficial for healing crisis, radiation-related illness and chemotherapy.


SMOKY AMETHYST BRANDBERG: visibly combines Amethyst and Smoky Quartz either as phantoms or body color and is the finest tool to use to remove implants, attachments, spirit possessions or mental influence. It is an excellent stone for conscious transformation or transition when in-between life state.

this crystal cleanses and re-attaches your cosmic anchor. It is the perfect stone for earth healing, taking the earth's grid back to its perfect original blueprint, restoring the earth's chakra or meridian systems, sending the healing deep into the Earth to restore Mother Earth herself. If you took on a dis-ease for any reason whether it is physical or psychiatric condition or traumatic circumstances for karma or soul growth, or for restitution, Smoky Brandberg facilitates understanding the gifts you seek. It assists in facing the remainder of your current life with equanimity and joy knowing it is right for your spiritual growth.

AMETHYST BRANDBERG: an excellent stone for any matters of the heart as it takes you into the transmutational violet flame of unconditional love and divinity center of the universe that brings about profound healing. It dissloves past-life heartbreak, setting you free to call in your twinflame in the present incarnation, whether as an inner mariage between your masculine and feminine qualities, or as an outer world alliance that totally supports who you are in your fullness and spiritual being.