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  • Chakra Rainbow Stones Set (7 Stones) E: 7 (30-35Mm) Hematite For Root Tumbled
  • Chakra Rainbow Stones Set (7 Stones) Tumbled
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Chakra Rainbow Stones Set (7 stones)

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Chakra rainbow stones-

Crown: Amethyst- Wisdom & Divine Connection

Third Eye: Blue Sodalite-
Intuition & Clarity of the Mind

Throat: Blue Lace Agate- Communication & Expression

Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine- Love

Solar Plexus: Citrine - Confidence & Wealth

Sacral: Carnelian- Emotional Balance or Creativity

Root Chakra: Ruby or Hematite- Grounding or Stability

How To use-

1) You can display the Rainbow Chakra Set in your Room or Altar to radiate the blessings of each stone.

2) Or you can place the stones over the corresponding chakra on your body.