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Labradorite Fortune 8 Rondelle Bracelet

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Fortune 8 Bracelets

This bracelet series is attuned and filled with the 8 Blessings of Good Fortune via energetic symbols and the 8 golden beads.

The 8 Blessings attuned to the bracelets are-

  1. Blessings of Wealth
  2. Blessings of Success
  3. Blessings of Health
  4. Blessings of Protection
  5. Blessings of Love
  6. Blessings of Good Luck
  7. Blessings of Happiness
  8. And Wish Fulfilling Blessings

As you wear this bracelet, you will receive all the 8 blessings plus the benefits of the specific crystal.


Known as the ‘Stone of Magic’, this shimmering crystal is said to encourage you to follow your dreams and awaken the magical powers within.

Labradorite is believed to raise consciousness and connect with universal energies to boost your aura and energetic body.