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Mercury Retrograde Protection Crystal Set

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Mercury is the planet of communications & travel and it is in retrograde when it moves in backwards motion.

During this time, many unexpected glitches occur such as software crashes and emails getting lost, miscommunication, little things go wrong, we get a little confused, or otherwise go awry from the influence of these constellations. 
The Mercury Retrograde protection kit offers you a set of crystals to carry and use to protect yourself from such influence, which happens three times every year. 
The set includes-

Carnelian to stimulate personal power, and to provide motivation when your energy is flowing.

Amethyst to enhance intuition, memory, and mental clarity as well as to reduce stress.

Aventurine, a lucky stone, to help with hidden fears, anxiety, and subconscious stress.

Hematite, to help ground and balance your energy to maintain self esteem.

Moonstone, for protection and to help you see what`s coming.