An Encounter With A Frog Spirit

An Encounter With A Frog Spirit

When in Bali, it js interesting that i was approached by a Frog Spirit here. 🐸I had goosebumps with this encounter.

The frog spirit 🐸croaked non stop and when it stopped, my crown chakra and arms start to tingle and had goosebumps. Then the frog spirit 🐸 talked. ❤️

It represented the other insects and animals in the land. And told me they are seeking help as their land is being taken into commercial.

They asked me to help by creating a bridge of light that will transport them to a better place than where they are.

I asked why they know i can help. The frog spirit said they saw the light in me.

I did the work and hope they are happy now. ❤️🐸