About Us

Love For Crystals, Philippines Online Shop is a sister company of Love For Crystals, Singapore (Since 2010).

Co-founded by Siblings Audrey & Agnes and Business Partner Joni, this shop in the Philippines is aimed to bring the loving and good effects of gemstone crystals into your homes and your lives.

The founders are Crystal Lovers, Wellness Advocates, Animal Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts!

They believe in the power of crystals & gemstones in bringing help and balance in all areas of our lives and body systems such as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The wide selection of crystals and gemstones at Love For Crystals are sourced from reputable miners and suppliers from Brazil, South Africa, Texas, Pakistan, India, New York, Arizona, UK.

The crystals and gemstones are carefully selected, cleansed on physical and energetic levels through incense and Crystal bowl sound clearing, charged via quartz cluster before being displayed on the shelves.

The wide variety of crystals and gemstones are in Raw, Tumbled, Spheres, Slices, Terminated, Shaped, Polished and Jewelry form.

There is also a wide variety of non-crystal products available such as Incense sticks, cones, ingots, salt bath, essential oils, sage, sandalwood, amulets, healing tools, metaphysical tools, cds, books, banners and more.