Money Angel Alchemy with Audrey

Money Angel Alchemy with Audrey

Just to share, about two months ago, i had an inner talk and since i am turning 50, i told myself, i want to value my work and be able to plan for my semi retirement.... then i had a calling to examine my relationship with money...

Right there and then i realised that i was rejecting money all my life.

And i had a talk with the money angel on how to change this relationship with money.

Right after i changed my relationship with money, old clients from 7-10 years ago started reconnecting with me.

I suddenly had the inspiration to do healing sessions again that opened up to more avenues to work with new and old clients.

My space clearing sessions become in demand again and new projects have opened up.

And just yesterday i have closed a 7-units space clearing project overseas plus another hospital space clearing, also overseas.

I feel happy to share my secrets in my upcoming Angel Money Alchemy on 1  July, and i want all of us to enjoy a comfortable and valuable life.

I hope you dont miss this chance as the technique have changed my career directions and have valued my work many many times greater.