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  • Pink Amethyst Point (Argentina) Rare! Crystal Points
  • Pink Amethyst Tower Point (Argentina) Rare! 416G 134Mm Crystal Points
  • Pink Amethyst Tower Point (Argentina) Rare! Crystal Points
  • Pink Amethyst Tower Point (Argentina) Rare! Crystal Points
  • Pink Amethyst Tower Point (Argentina) Rare! Crystal Points
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Pink Amethyst Tower Point (Argentina) RARE!

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Pink Amethyst will encourage you to relax and reduce your stress levels.

It will also re-energize and uplift you emotionally.

It will open blocked energies and assist you in finding your inner light.

It will also connect you to higher powers on all levels.

Pink Amethyst radiates soothing energies that will help you maintain the balance in your relationships

Pink Amethyst has a smoothing calm energy that also helps keep your energy clear and equally makes an amazing piece in your home!

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered form of Quartz from Patagonia, Argentina. The colour range is pale lilac/pink to a deeper toned peachy/pink however it is different in tone and clarity from that of Rose Quartz .

The colour is the result of inclusions of Hematite and spectroscopic analysis indicates that this form of Quartz is closer in its absorption to Amethyst than to either Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz and can thus be described as Pink Amethyst.

The frequency of Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras stimulating these chakras so that one is open to the love and guidance from one’s soul.

Via the heart chakra this crystal helps one to view one’s life’s experiences from the higher perspective of one’s soul and thus allowing one to act with a strong sense of divine love.

 The soft but powerful energy of this beautiful pink crystal opens and stimulates the crown chakra so that one is able to act upon the ‘little prompts’ that via intuition are a soul perspective which allows one to be guided by one’s soul in all areas of one’s life and experiences.

This helps one to live one’s life as a soul-infused personality radiating divine love and aiding one to become non-judgemental and accepting of others for who they really are.